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At this time, SARMS are NOT RECOMMENDED for human use. These drugs are still in the research and testing stages of development. In addition, some experimental drugs that are not SARMs are being marketed as or along with SARMs.
The development of Andarine (S-4) was halted because the use of this compound caused serious disturbances in vision

In 2013, the original developer discontinued GW501516 due to the discovery that during animal testing it rapidly caused cancer in multiple organs
Until such issues are resolved, DO NOT USE SARMs.

About SARMsDB?

I've been interested in fitness and strength training for over 30 years. As I've grown older (I'm 50 as I write this) my goals haven't changed: look good and stay strong and mobile. But at 50, I get injured more easily, I take longer to recover, and it's harder to make gains.

Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators are still fairly new, having only shown up around 2002. There's not a whole lot of information available on them yet, and what information exists is spread all over -- forums, web sites, blogs.... Being a web developer, I decided to build SARMsDB as a place to start gathering SARM info into one place.

As you browse SARMsDB, keep in mind that I'm not a medical professional, or hardcore bodybuilder, or chemist with a degree in biochemistry. Use the information on SARMsDB at your own risk. I gathered it from message boards, stores, labels, logs, reviews, company pages, and other web pages. Just because the information I gathered is out there doesn't mean it's accurate. Keep that in mind as you search this site and others for information on SARMs and other bodybuilding supplements.

Your health is invaluable, and, used improperly, SARMs and other supplements can have long lasting and unwanted results.

Some SARMs in particular, have had some unpleasent side effects. Research on one was stopped because of a cancer relationship. Another has been know to have a permanenet effect on vision. DO YOUR RESEARCH. Personally, at their current level of development, I wouldn't use a SARM yet.





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